Sunday, March 18, 2012

Whew!!! (Yes, I know it's spelled 'Phew')

It was been one crazy weekend! & I loved it!! Friday my mom's family was down to watch Kodie cheer at the state cheerleading competition in Nampa. We met up with them and had a great time. My aunt & uncle actually ended up staying with me Friday night, and aunt Mel & Sam helped me set up for the craft fair. =) Ooitz is in town for Bam Jam, so he stayed with me last night. He brings so much happiness to my life. His team lost by three & was put out earlier. Speaking of losing, Gonzaga is out!! They lost to Ohio State...sadness.

Now for the fun part...
Of course it had to be pouring while we were packing everything in, not fun. The venue was great and I was very pleased with my space.

It started off kinda slow, but eventually the rain quit and people started to come around. Honestly, I was gonna be happy if I sold only one thing =) ... well I sold much more than that!!! I had a great time, and it was fun to browse the other vendors. I was between a delicious chocolate stand and a gorgeous jewelry booth. Everyone was so nice!! I ended up purchasing a charm from Michele Dewlen, look at her great stuff here. I am beyond happy with yesterday's sales & I'm on the hunt for the next show! Thanks to everyone who stopped by and found something special!

These pretties found new homes:

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