Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cranberry Limeade

The week is was a good one. Yesterday, Marlyn and I went to the Flea Market here in Boise. I was too excited to take before pictures, but here's what I found...
 I added the glass knob. This is so cute, how could you resist it? 

& this little bench. It's perfect for a display piece. 
Of course both pieces were brown...iicckk! But with a little paint, they're perfect!

& these are just some stuffs I did this week...not a whole lot got done around here, I was enjoying my time with Daxton. 
I'm working on a couple more things but they're not quite ready yet. I may have a sale this coming week in Owyhee, I'll know for sure a bit later. I'm off to enjoy my cranberry limeade, have a good evening.

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