Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Confessions of a Thrift Store Junkie

Yesterday was the perfect thrifting day!!
& a great day in general. 
My mom & I were in Boise, and after gettin' business done, we played!
Sadee was zippin' from thrift store to thrift store. 
Needless to say we were *absolutely* packed on the way home!
*Idaho Youth Ranch* is my all-time favorite thrift store chain. 
I've scooped up some of my best treasures from these stores 
& it doesn't matter if I'm shopping at Five Mile, Fairview, Chinden, or in Mountain Home, they're all great!!!
. . . . . . 
Thrifting is so exciting! You just never know *what* you're gonna find.
Some days are ahh-mazing & others, not so much.
Yesterday, ahhhh-mazing!!  
Here's what we found.
See the small, red star candle holder? 
My mom scooped it up. (I've told you before she's an expert) All I gotta do is add wax & voila! it's done. 
I've noticed my boxes sell better if they're hinged soooo all these are hinged.
Except for the tiny, wood star; magnets hold it together.   
. . . . . . 
I'm thinkin' the four-pane mirror will be deep red with a tiny bronc rider decal. 
The large frame will be turquoise with a rustic heart added to one corner. 
& check out the small frame with such detailed edges. I love the patina around the inside!
. . . . . .
Don't you just {love} the little sleds?! 
I'm saying goodbye to Santa & hello Christmas countdown. With a little chalkboard paint & some vinyl I think it'll be perfect!
Sky found me this flower hook awhile back
 & a sweet little girl scooped it up at the Cowboy Christmas show, so I was really excited to find another one. 
I'm thinkin' purple would be cute this time around, yeah? 
. . . . . .
Found a bag full of lace for a $1.50 & this pretty tissue paper for a $1.00. 
I'm not quite sure what the star *things* will become but I just couldn't leave 'em behind. 
& it's really hard to see but the gold candle pillar is *gorgeous!*
. . . . . . 
& last, but definitely not least . . . 
this little fella. 
 We were making our way to the check out stand when my mom stops dead in her tracks,
"How did we miss this?!!" 
It. Was. Hilarious. I just LOVE her!
& I have to admit, he is pretty cute. 
. . . . . . 
We just couldn't resist taking a peek at Vintage Home & Good Goods. 
Both shops were loaded with all sortsa Christmas goodies!! 
I'm talking sparkles, ornaments, cute gifts . . . ugh, *Swoon*
If you're in Boise & get the chance definitely stop in and tell 'em I sent you :)
. . . . . .
I am so excited to get to work. 
The Brightpath's Nurses Bazaar is only three days away!! 
. . . . . .
Live Happy!!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Bruneau Cowboy Christmas 2012

Bruneau Cowboy Christmas 2012
It has been one week since I set up for the Cowboy Christmas Gift Show.
& even longer since I've posted!!
What a great time it was!! 
I was right next to the food, so it got a tad crowded at times. 
Tons of people came strolling thru,
and let me tell you, they were there to buy!
My mom & Gramma came up Sunday, so I was able to browse all the wonderful vendors. 
Becky Miller did a great job!! 
**Is it too early to say I'm super excited for next year?!!!**
I met up with Ruth Friday night & she so kindly gifted me some round wooden boxes.
Thank you, Ruth!! 
. . . . . . 
Tuesday, the school celebrated Grandparent's Day and had a powwow for Native American Heritage Month.
 It was also my dad's birthday.
. . . . . .
Ace Hardware recently opened in little ol' Owyhee!!
Very, very, veerrrrryyy exciting!!!!
& potentially very dangerous for my business account.
KW & I checked it out on Wednesday, and I ended up buying some paint entitled 'Besalt' per KW's request.
He explained it's found on the Palouse, therefore I should definitely get it. 
Cristi gifted me this bookshelf she no longer used,
and I turned it into this . . .
one more shelf can be added in.
. . . . . .
Our Thanksgiving Dinner was *delicious* and the  day was just perfect!
My dad & I started on a new project.
like the last few, it was mostly my dad :)
We were lucky enough to get some old doors from a nice fella, 
in almost no time at all. 
Ooitzy helped a little. 
Matt helped a little. 
& look what we came up with!!!
I absolutely *love* it!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you dad!!
I'm bring both the bookshelf and this unique, corner door shelf with me to the 
Brightpath's Nurses Bazaar next weekend in Elko, Nevada. 
& even if it doesn't sell I will have one *awesome* display piece!!!! 
. . . . . . 
KW & Gramma Edie are here for a couple more days, we're partying tomorrow.
Live Happy!!!
. . . . . . 
p.s. I'm having another giveaway on my Facebook page!
Lotsa luck!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sassy Cowgirl Keepsake Box

Little Sky turned *13* yesterday. 
She is definitely the *sweetest* person you'll ever meet. I swear her heart is pure gold. 
Look how cute she looks holding that little chick . . . AWWW!!
. . . . . . 
The other day, I mentioned how one {drab, boring} thrift store find can be totally transformed
 with a little paint & some pretty paper. 
My mom {of course} spotted this 'thing' sittin' on a bottom shelf.
 It looked interesting enough & the mirror was a bonus! 
I recently discover the Paper Cottage in Meridian . . . Laaaa!!
It has some awesome goodies tucked here and there & a wonderful selection of unique paper. 
Wayyyy better after, yeah?!
I. Love. It!
I mean who can pass up rhinestones?
See those dividers? You can choose to leave 'em all in, just one, or none at all. 
Pretty nifty eh?
The potential uses for this dandy are endless!
I'm talking jewelry box, concho case, bead organizer, vanity piece . . . 
and the mirror pulls out making it the *perfect display piece* for a western booth
Don't you just {love} the bronc rider in the corner? 
I'm pretty excited about this piece - if ya couldn't tell. 
. . . . . .
COWBOY CHRISTMAS at the Bruneau Legion Hall TOMORROW @ 10:00 in Bruneau, Idaho. 
Don't miss it!
. . . . . .
Live Happy!!!
KW & Gramma Edie will be here tonight, so I'm super happy!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunday Shopping

. . . Another perfect Sunday . . . 
My mom, Sky and I started our day off crafting at the Archiver's Holiday Open House.
As always, the staff was so helpful and sweet. We were able to do two *make & takes*. 
Afterwards, we set out for the thrift stores to find some Stuffs in the rough.
My mom is an *expert* treasure hunter! As she's had some excellent training from my late Gramma Hazel. 
. . . . . . 

Somewhere along the way, Sky spotted this sippy-cup thingy. 
All I'mna say about this is . . . 
Poor Belle!!
Yet, LMAO . . . right?!!

. . . . . . 
Annnnyway, we found lotsa treasures!!
I really need to get in the habit of taking 'before' pictures. 
It's amazing how one piece can be completely transformed with some paint, dark wax and, in this case, hooks.  

Wouldn't this be *perfect* for hanging stockings? 
Can't you just see this on your mantle with a lit candle?
. . . . . .
After a nice family lunch at Olive Garden,
Sky & I ended our day at the Victoria's Secret Pink Nation Shopping Event!
Lotsa comfty lounge wear just in time for the chilly winter weather. 
. . . . . . 
Live Happy!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Any Other Color??

 KW often teases me & jokes that I don't have any other paint color besides turquoise
You prolly think the same thing. 
I can't help but {LOVE} it!!!
So, this piece belongs to Marlyn & she wanted me to 'fix' it. 
It started out dark green with a white wash, and Marlyn wanted it black with a white wash. Simple enough.
 When I finished tho, she wanted it turquoise instead. Even better!!
While carrying it up to my apartment, however, one mirror fell out and broke! Panic. Attack. x 12!!!!
Oh my goodness. What to do, what to do??!!!
I prayed Michael's or JoAnn would have the perfect sized mirror - no such luck. 
I settled for a large square one. Ugh.  
On my way to Owyhee, I stopped by Ace Glass in Mountain Home & by golly what do ya know they cut mirror. 
Whew!!! Even better?
The nice guy there did it for free!!! Maybe he detected my stress. How awesome was that!!
Thank you nice man at Ace Glass!!
This decal is so sweet & I had to have it!
Then, I came across this heart while thrifting yesterday . . . perfect match, yeah?!!
I painted the entire heart white, applied the vinyl, painted everything turquoise, and then peeled off the vinyl. 
I think this 'method' looks better and will last longer.
 This little fella melts my heart. 
He's soo cute. I named him Lil Snow G.
Made from socks & some rice. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Kenneth!!!

My little big brother is the coolest person ever!!!
&& he turned 22 today. 
Happy Birthday KW!!!
Love you. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Lounging

It has been a relaxing, productive Sunday. 
My favorite & just the way it should be, right?
They're here!! Starbucks' red holiday cups. 
The Starbucks just up the street from my apartment makes my *single, carmel, carmel macchiato* to perfection!
. . . . . .
It was all about TURQUOISE today,
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Provence with Dark Wax to be specific. 
Before . iiccckkk!!
After .
. . . . . .
Only TWO more weeks until the Bruneau Cowboy Christmas Show.
I. Am. Excited!!!
. . . . . .
Live Happy!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Relieved, Refreshed . . . All Better.

Ya know when you just have something weighing so heavily on your mind??
You pray a little lot
& then, BOOM . . . everything is better!
Totally happened today.
. . . . . . 

My very own stamp
Buuuuttttt, the bottom part - under the dots - kinda bothers me. 
Don't ya read it as 'Bethany Pete Shabby . Rustic . Sweet . Western' ??
Ugh, oh well. 
. . . . . .
My new Etsy shoppe banner
Now this, I love!!
Christmas is comin' soon, have you started thinking about it yet??
you won't regret it
. . . . . . 

I hope your day was as great as mine