Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Daxton and I made a quick trip back home today. We're both from the Duck Valley Indian Reservation of Idaho & Nevada. Growing up I never appreciated the charm of living in the middle-of-nowhere until I left for Europe for a couple months. I then realized that the small reservation I called home was an untouched wonder of this busy, busy world. Growing up here made me strong & for that I am forever grateful. Of course I went off to college in Spokane and I live in Boise now, but Owyhee will always be home.

I decided to stop in at the local cafe, A Taste of Heaven Kountry Kitchen, and ask Amy if she would be willing to house my cards. She totally agreed!!! & she bought two of them. It made my day. =) We'll see how well it goes and who knows maybe I'll be busy making cards soon.

Always pray...

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