Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Paris, France

Ever just feel like flying to France?
My mom wants to go on a daily basis (she's already been to Italy and Germany)
 & Ooitz has even started saving money for a *Paris* trip.
Lucky me I've been!!!
I went on a two month vacay with my friend & her family in 2005.
We landed in London
-speaking of, are you watching the Olympics?!??
The Fab Five won GOLD!!!!-
and I had my first hostal experience . . . at The Generator.
There were many more to come, each completely unique.
After a few days in London we took a bus, a ferry & another bus to Pairs.
It. Was. Gorgeous!
The *Eiffel Tower* was so, so beautiful at night,
as was the view from the top!!
After Paris we were off to Germany,
where Rubina's mom is from.
& *I even took a German class for five weeks!!*
Can I speak any Deutsch? Nein! =)
How could I pay attention in class when there was so much shopping to be done afterward?!
From Germany we roamed around Austria & Italy for a few weeks,
I watched an *Opera*
& just in case you were wondering,
both a fat lady & a fat man sing...
I saw/visited the *Leaning Tower of Pisa**Ancient Rome**The Vatican**The Uffizi*
*The Rialto Bridge**Mozart's Home**The Berlin Wall**Big Ben**Tower of London*
*Buckingham Palace**The Mona Lisa**The Notre Dame**Shakespeare's Globe*
*Juliet's House**The Colosseum**
and some several castles, fountains & churches!!!
It was an amazing trip.
Thank you forever Dee Dee & Rubina!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Rustic Wood & Old Boots

Remember that *special project*??
It started like this...
as in a few rustic boards & some old cowboy boots...
my dad started cutting...
turning his saw this way n that way...
checking, double checking, 
 more cutting...
& when the all the saw dust settled...
 we   my dad had created this
umm that. is. *awesome!*
I would have been completely satisfied with it!!
(cuz it looked good!)
But this is my dad we're talking about, 
and he had a few more plans.
. . .

Daxton was up in Elko Saturday night, 
so I took a break & went to cheer him on =)
& I dropped this off with a sweet gypsy soul.
Thank you Chelsie Gray!!
. . .
We (mostly my dad) resumed work yesterday morning. 
A little more routing,
cutting, nailing...
& a few more nails just to be sure...
& voila! We had this masterpiece!!
Never underestimate the goodness of 
*rustic wood, old boots, power tools and a wonderful dad*
It was soo much fun working together to get this done
I had such a great time!
Thanks dad!!!
. . .
My favorite comment: 
So cool! You even managed to make the horse and lawn mower look so realistic! :0) 
Ingrid Velez
. . . 
Have the best day!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012


Tuesday, I was on my second trip to my apartment
with an armful of Wonderful JUNK
I was thinking . . .
my neighbors prolly think
I'm a HoARdER!!!
I'm not, I promise. 
My Mr.'s buckles . . .
I've found that when people can visualize
what something can be used for
it helps a lot.

One week until Kuna Days!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

 . . . Be your OWN kind of BeaUTIFUL . . .

If I learned anything in Elko
it's that parents will *buy just about anything* for their littles!!!
& all the way the home I kept telling my mom
'I'm not going to make kids my market!'
mayyybee having a *few* things for small ones wouldn't hurt,
so I'm trying to find stuffs that are FabULoUS
will have littles begging their parents to buy =)

Ever just spot something & you know it's *going* to be absolutely perfect?!
This piece was that piece.

I scooped it up like an Indian at a powwow give-a-way
was on my way.
It was *that* light oak....YUCK!
*I cannot stand light oak!*
I had to bust out the drill for this one.
It makes me happy, very happy!!!

Pray always...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

#$%^ Randomness x 12 ^%$#

This is going to be a *crazy, off-the-wall, no-theme* post,
so get yerself ready for it =)
{you're prolly thinking, 'this won't be any different from any of her other posts'} ha!

Ya know those blogs...

where every picture is complete wonderfulness?

I'm talking eye candy x 12!!!

Wellll yeahh...


Anyway, I set out yesterday to find *tiny treasures*
it was an 'ehh' day. 
I found a few things, but it wasn't one of those 'OMGosh' junkin' days. 

I did, however, find this *dandy miniature trunk*  
It's really a doll wardrobe, but I like it!

Today was much, much better...
my dad is helping me with a *special project* (it's a secret for now) 
so I ended up in Caldwell this afternoon
& there I found this frame 
it had a $30.00 tag, but the fella let me take it for $1.00!!
Ummm....YESS, PLEASE!!
My first chalkboard =) 
Do they even make *chalk* anymore??
Kidding. My mom's a teacher, I know they do!

On my way back I wasn't about to pass up any signs like this..
which led me allll the way to Homedale. Sheesh!!
With all the stopping slamming on my brakes I'm guessing I got about 20 mpg instead of my usual 32

Tonight was the last episode [of the season] of JUNK GYPSY. {sad face}
My Mr. split 2nd/3rd at the Wadsworth Indian Rodeo today. YYAAAYYY!!!

Oh, one more thing...
I'm gonna be at Kuna Days - August 3rd & 4th

Good night now ya'll...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

For the Littles $

I came home to this box a couple days ago...
and I was super excited,
because I knew it was the *Glitterfarm crate* I had ordered.

I sent a picture to Jenny & she put it on her Facebook page =)

*For the LiTtLEs*

 PerFECT for a TUFF lil' LaDY!
I l-o-v-e it!

Sparkly & Pink fit for a PRinCeSS.

Live Happy!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ArT in the PaRK Elko, Nevada

I have officially sold at a *show*!!! Yaayy!!! It was sooo much fun.
 My dad borrowed an RV from a friend & we were able to stay right at the park, it was nice.
I *definitely could not* have done this without the help of my family.
My dad was great about setting things up (he even got me that trellis) & Ooitz was the 'runner.'
I would get to the booth and forget just about everything. Uugghh!!
My mom, KW & Antone showed up on Saturday morning - after everything was done of course =)
*Every sweet junkin' soft hearted stuffs lovin' soul who stopped by, ThaNK YoU!!!!*

My *favorite* comment of the weekend: "It looks like Pinterest in here!" 
Ha! *Candace Phillps*, I love it & thank you. 

Sunday was slow *SLLLOOOOWWW!!!!*
It was looking like a very sad day when I first opened. It. Was. Dead!!
Slowly -and I mean slowly- people started stopping by & I made a few sales.
A *sweet Gypsy soul* ordered herself a special window with white lettering. 
It was surprising to see what sold and what didn't.
My *paper flowers, blocks, signs & mirrors* went fast.

I loved it all & can't thank the fam bam enough.
*Wall a bees*: DaD, MoM, Ooitzy, Kenneth. Wall a buddy: Antone.
Sky's was/still is in Oklahoma.

Live Happy!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sadee Bug

Remember when I told you my dad took some stuffs back to Owyhee for me? 
Well, I should've have thrown more in. 
Sadee bug is packed!!! 
While I was loading I was wishin' I had my Mr's TrUCK & that I didn't live on the THiRD FLooR. Whew!!! 
& it was only like 100 degrees out today, no biggie *NOT*!!!
We're off to set up tomorrow, I'm EXcITED!!!! Very excited!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I was stopped on the interstate for a good part of my afternoon today.
 A car accident caused a *fire* & the road was closed. 
Soo to pass the time I started tanning =)
It was hott!!

Some Stuffs...

Five days till Art in the Park!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Moo Minicards

Look what I got today...
my Moo Minicards!! *How very exciting* indeed!
Ten different pictures...
all my own...
completely customized. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stumbled Upon

 I was looking for an old coat hanger but instead, found *something* with much more character.
If anyone knows what it is, pleeasse help me.
I painted it with some *Annie Sloan Chalk Paint* added dark wax & voila!  
A super cute rack for bags. 
I love finding *interesting* things!
Coffee filters, a needle & thread, more coffee filters and finally...

My dad, KW and Ooitz were in town for the Mayhem Festival yesterday, and they took a load of Stuffs down to Owyhee for me. Thank goodness for dads & brothers!!