Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Gramma!!

I had an awesome weekend! No big winnings to report via gambling or rodeo, but I had a great time with Daxton. He left for work yesterday afternoon & I went shopping to numb the pain =) Ooitz had a basketball game last night in Elko, so I decided to hang around and watch, they lost by three! It was a good game, Ooitz scored close to 30 points! KW left for Hawaii on Saturday for ten days...jealous!!! He's been texting & he's having the best time.

Here's the goods, believe me when I say I had a great time shopping!!!

I'm going to use this cute little plate to hold my business cards. I love the saying, 'What if we practiced courage every single day?' And for the bottles, glitter will be added to make 'em pretty.


How perfect is this for stuffs?!! I saw it & there was no way I was leaving Elko without it. It has handles so I can pack it around wherever I need it...love it!

What to Wear
& I finished the day with new Miss Me jeans =)

 Before heading down on Friday I made a couple stops. 
 I found this apothecary jar & these cute little bottles. 
I so badly want a 'craft room' to decorate and display all my stuffs! I do, however, have this fear of junk taking over my space. I very much enjoy hunting for tiny treasures, but I have to remind myself it must be done with good sense. =)

I'm off to finish some crafts...I came home today & realized I have about 40 million things to do before Saturday. YIKES!

Live Happy!

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