Monday, December 31, 2012

Shopping in Winnemucca, Nevada

So last weekend we were in *Winnemucca, Nevada* for Ooitzy's wrestling meet. 
Annnnd, by now you should know I can't go anywhere without doing some treasure hunting
I've been to Winnemucca a *bazillion* times whether it be for basketball, wrestling, rodeos, whatever . . . 
but who knew it's home to soo many cute shops?!!
I surely did not!!!
But let me tell you, Friday, I was enlightened. 
Our first stop -my mom & I- was *Good Night Irene*. A fun, eclectic gift shoppe full of all sortsa unique goodies.
From there, we ventured out the back door to *Linger Longer Antiques*.  
(508 W. Winnemucca Blvd)
&& that's where the spending spree began!!!
 I left the store with ^ this ^ beauty. 
**Chippy goodness** 
I'm thinkin' three hooks across the bottom would make it absolutely perfect! 
. . . . . . . 
After grabbing some coffee from a super cute espresso next door, we headed for the thrift stores. 
And wouldn't ya know, shopping on the day the world was supposed to end had its perks. 
Both thrift stores were having "Apocalypse Sales* 50% off everything!!!
Eek!! *Big Smiles*
Treasures galore. 
. . . . . . .
We were on our way back to the event center when we came across an interesting little sign. 
*Suzi's Country Treasures & Victorian Gifts* 
It's an amazing little shoppe tucked inside Artistic Fence Co. 
(720 Fairgrounds Rd.) 
***If you can only visit one place the next time you're in Winnemucca, let it be here!!!***
You. Will. NOT. Be. Sorry. 
Suzi, the obvious owner, is such a great lady.
Walking into her shoppe is *magical*. Everything is decorated up just right. 
I couldn't leave without these rustic stars
& a few other goodies. 
& my mom scooped up this awesome drink dispenser.
. . . . . . 
Ooitzy, unfortunately, was out the first night. 
So the next morning, instead of leaving town, I dragged KW & Sky to a few places my mom and I missed the day before. 
*The Country Rose Floral & Gift* was our first stop. 
(329 S. Bridge St.)
A great place to find the *perfect* gift. 
We got momma some pretty pinecones that light up
& I found a western picture frame for Marlyn. 
 . . . . . .
Now, KW is a good sport about most everything, but when it comes to treasure hunting I have to bribe him. 
So it was back to the espresso shop for another round of coffee. 
& that coffee earned me two more stops - in Winnemucca. 
Another cute gift shop (I am drawing a blank on the name!) where we found this cute, blue bird for momma, 
& *Endless Memories* a scrapbooking store. 
(241 S. Bridge St.)
Yeah, you read right!!! A scrapbooking store in Winnemucca, Nevada! 
Wowzers! I had no idea. Of course, I found some paper & a few embellishments I couldn't live without.
Finnnnallly, with our treasures in tow we were on our way home. 
. . . . . . 
Once in Elko, I couldn't resist taking a peek in the thrift stores. 
By this time, both KW & Sky had teamed up against me and I had to offer Pizza Hut in order to stop. 
Good thing because they found some pretty good stuffs in the rough.
I'll show ya 'em finished in another post.
. . . . . .
This year has been beautiful, amazing, scary, sad, and rewarding.
I can't thank all my customers & supporters enough. *None* of this would be possible without each of you.
Wishing you & yours a wonderful New Year!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day After Christmas

I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas full of love, peace, and blessings.
My holiday season has been {absolutely} glorious!! 
Lotsa time with my family & several orders/sales for Stuffs by Bethany.
Where should I start? 
As it has been 23 days since I last posted!!!! 
Hmmm...I'mna just start writing & hope it all comes together. 
On December 10, the Owyhee High School Art Club held its annual Christmas Bazaar. 
What a great time it was! I did an ornament make-&-take, which did surprisingly well. 
Over and over, Owyhee continues to support my little business
& it makes my heart swell with joy. 
My dad managed to finish another OOAK corner door shelf.
He's the BEST!!
It didn't sell, but the old Indian women sure liked it. 
. . . . . . .
My Facebook page also has been a wonderful source of business revenue. 
Prior to Christmas, Stuffs was selling like hotcakes!!

Bronc Tin & Rusty Bell **SOLD**
A sweet gal from Elko has been one of my *best customers* this Holiday season.
It's so rewarding to create Stuffs & have someone absolutely love 'em!!  
Pendleton Whiskey Cork Magnets **SOLD**
Round Bronc Rider Box **SOLD**
Always Pray Keepsake Box **SOLD**
Sweet, Rustic Keepsake Box w/Heart **SOLD**
Bronc Mirror **SOLD**
. . . . . . 
A family friend stopped by to browse for gifts for her office exchange 
& I couldn't believe how low my inventory was. 
It was eye-opening & rewarding. 

If I have learned anything from surviving my first Holiday season in business it is to always be over prepared x 12!!!
I would have *never* guessed I'd be receiving so many requests as I have these last two weeks.  
'My cup runneth over.'
Rustic Hearts, Turquoise Frame, Faith, Hope, Love Caddy **SOLD**
I received orders from the O.H.S. Science Club & Shoshone-Paiute Tribes. 
Very exciting!!
200 tags for a retirement party. 
Annnd, although I keep records of all my sales there wasn't any true pattern of Stuffs people wanted. 
Rustic Red Western Shelf **SOLD**
If they saw something they liked, they bought it. Simple as that. 
By far, my fastest selling piece was this western magazine rack. 
I posted it on Facebook & no joke, it was gone within two seconds!!
I was coming thru Elko last weekend & I scooped up another one at the FISH Thrift Store!!!
. . . . . . .
Just for some ideas I created  **The {best} Last Minute Gifts** album on Facebook. 
All the following items are still up for grabs. 
^ Live . Laugh . Love . Desktop Decor **SOLD** ^
To showcase all these items my mom & I decorated up the living room hutch. 
I *desperately* need my own shop!!!
. . . . . . 
I'm not too sure when my next show will be, but in the mean time I'mna keep creating Stuffs!!
Valentine's Day will be here before we know it 
& I'm planning to have several *rustic, barbed wire hearts* ready to sell. 
Again, I can't thank *all* the Stuffs Lovin' SouLS out there enough!!
. . . . . . 
Merry {one day after} Christmas. 
Live Happy!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Brightpath's Nurses Bazaar 2012

What a *WONDERFUL* weekend!! 
OOitzy turned 15 yesterday!!! Saturday, he won 3rd place at the White Pine Wrestling Tourney. 
I'm soo proud of him!!!
Sky was also a *winner* this weekend. She plays on the Jr. High basketball team and she won both games Saturday!!
. . . . . .
Friday morning I would have never guessed the weekend would be so great. 
The living room was a complete mess . . . paper scraps, modge podge, ribbon, flowers, sparkles, paint you name it it was probably spread across my 'work' table.
I had not packed a single item for the Nurses Bazaar & because I just had to finish my *star studded* keepsake box 
I got to bed around 2, annnndd it was raining. Ugh!
The turquoise, twin headboard I did back in June just wasn't working & I desperately needed to redo it - before we left. 
This made me {very} happy!!
My mom & I finally got going at 4. 
In the mad scramble to get all my Stuffs packed I forgot my rustic, barbed wire stars. 
Once we got to Elko all was good - well after I got over my fears of not 'being good enough' to hang with the other vendors that had already set up.
 The staff at the Elko Convention Center was so helpful!! 
We were literally the last people setting up Friday night. 
Saturday was GREAT for business!!
I couldn't believe how many people came thru.
My door shelf sold in about 30 minutes, and since I was delivering it I got to keep it up all weekend.
I told my dad I needed about four more!!
Stuff was sellin' like *hotcakes* 
I had to put out blocks three different times.
 'Beautiful' & 'Glamourous' were set up before 'Believe' 
The cowboy boot mirror SOLD! 
I was super excited -and a little sad to see it go- but I know Katie will love it!!
I was able to meet some of my sweet, Facebook followers & make new friends . . . like Mandi & Jessica. 
They have been workin' hard to build Rustic Relevance, and were doing some market research when they spotted me. 
After chattin' for a bit they informed me I would be featured on their blog!!!
Happy, happy, happy dance!!!!!
Being *Featured* on another Blog was on of my *goals* for Stuffs by Bethany. {check}
Be sure to *Like* *Heart* and *Follow* 'em!!
THANK YOU Mandi & Jessica!!!
It was an *awesome* show & if you stopped by THANK YOU x 12!
No joke, I already reserved my space for next year!!!
. . . . . . 
I woke up this morning to an Etsy Transaction . . . the best way to end the weekend/start the week.
My Rustic Jingle Bell Burlap Garland SOLD OUT!!
I am heading into Boise tonight for some more supplies so I can re-list soon.
. . . . . .
Live Happy!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Confessions of a Thrift Store Junkie

Yesterday was the perfect thrifting day!!
& a great day in general. 
My mom & I were in Boise, and after gettin' business done, we played!
Sadee was zippin' from thrift store to thrift store. 
Needless to say we were *absolutely* packed on the way home!
*Idaho Youth Ranch* is my all-time favorite thrift store chain. 
I've scooped up some of my best treasures from these stores 
& it doesn't matter if I'm shopping at Five Mile, Fairview, Chinden, or in Mountain Home, they're all great!!!
. . . . . . 
Thrifting is so exciting! You just never know *what* you're gonna find.
Some days are ahh-mazing & others, not so much.
Yesterday, ahhhh-mazing!!  
Here's what we found.
See the small, red star candle holder? 
My mom scooped it up. (I've told you before she's an expert) All I gotta do is add wax & voila! it's done. 
I've noticed my boxes sell better if they're hinged soooo all these are hinged.
Except for the tiny, wood star; magnets hold it together.   
. . . . . . 
I'm thinkin' the four-pane mirror will be deep red with a tiny bronc rider decal. 
The large frame will be turquoise with a rustic heart added to one corner. 
& check out the small frame with such detailed edges. I love the patina around the inside!
. . . . . .
Don't you just {love} the little sleds?! 
I'm saying goodbye to Santa & hello Christmas countdown. With a little chalkboard paint & some vinyl I think it'll be perfect!
Sky found me this flower hook awhile back
 & a sweet little girl scooped it up at the Cowboy Christmas show, so I was really excited to find another one. 
I'm thinkin' purple would be cute this time around, yeah? 
. . . . . .
Found a bag full of lace for a $1.50 & this pretty tissue paper for a $1.00. 
I'm not quite sure what the star *things* will become but I just couldn't leave 'em behind. 
& it's really hard to see but the gold candle pillar is *gorgeous!*
. . . . . . 
& last, but definitely not least . . . 
this little fella. 
 We were making our way to the check out stand when my mom stops dead in her tracks,
"How did we miss this?!!" 
It. Was. Hilarious. I just LOVE her!
& I have to admit, he is pretty cute. 
. . . . . . 
We just couldn't resist taking a peek at Vintage Home & Good Goods. 
Both shops were loaded with all sortsa Christmas goodies!! 
I'm talking sparkles, ornaments, cute gifts . . . ugh, *Swoon*
If you're in Boise & get the chance definitely stop in and tell 'em I sent you :)
. . . . . .
I am so excited to get to work. 
The Brightpath's Nurses Bazaar is only three days away!! 
. . . . . .
Live Happy!!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Bruneau Cowboy Christmas 2012

Bruneau Cowboy Christmas 2012
It has been one week since I set up for the Cowboy Christmas Gift Show.
& even longer since I've posted!!
What a great time it was!! 
I was right next to the food, so it got a tad crowded at times. 
Tons of people came strolling thru,
and let me tell you, they were there to buy!
My mom & Gramma came up Sunday, so I was able to browse all the wonderful vendors. 
Becky Miller did a great job!! 
**Is it too early to say I'm super excited for next year?!!!**
I met up with Ruth Friday night & she so kindly gifted me some round wooden boxes.
Thank you, Ruth!! 
. . . . . . 
Tuesday, the school celebrated Grandparent's Day and had a powwow for Native American Heritage Month.
 It was also my dad's birthday.
. . . . . .
Ace Hardware recently opened in little ol' Owyhee!!
Very, very, veerrrrryyy exciting!!!!
& potentially very dangerous for my business account.
KW & I checked it out on Wednesday, and I ended up buying some paint entitled 'Besalt' per KW's request.
He explained it's found on the Palouse, therefore I should definitely get it. 
Cristi gifted me this bookshelf she no longer used,
and I turned it into this . . .
one more shelf can be added in.
. . . . . .
Our Thanksgiving Dinner was *delicious* and the  day was just perfect!
My dad & I started on a new project.
like the last few, it was mostly my dad :)
We were lucky enough to get some old doors from a nice fella, 
in almost no time at all. 
Ooitzy helped a little. 
Matt helped a little. 
& look what we came up with!!!
I absolutely *love* it!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you dad!!
I'm bring both the bookshelf and this unique, corner door shelf with me to the 
Brightpath's Nurses Bazaar next weekend in Elko, Nevada. 
& even if it doesn't sell I will have one *awesome* display piece!!!! 
. . . . . . 
KW & Gramma Edie are here for a couple more days, we're partying tomorrow.
Live Happy!!!
. . . . . . 
p.s. I'm having another giveaway on my Facebook page!
Lotsa luck!!