Friday, March 9, 2012

Can I Leave Yet?!

Early this morning I was jolted awake by the dreaded sound of the fire alarm. My first reaction: annoyed! & then I realized I should probably get outside. It was just after 1:30 and we waited outside for about 30 minutes. A total of four fire trucks showed up, they checked everything out and told us it was safe to go back fire, no damage. Thank goodness!!

So, I guess this would be considered my first order. Exciting, right?? =) I thought it was.  
There's a rodeo in Spring Creek tomorrow, how appropriate that I'll be there to watch the Jim Ranch...

I am off to see Daxton tonight!!! & I cannot wait to leave, it's gonna be one of those days where time moves soo slowly. He's going to teach me how to bet at a 21 table, I understand the game just don't know how to bet, make sense? Anyway, wish me luck!!

Have the best weekend!

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