Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It's been raining all day. So, to avoid the rain I got a pedicure. My toes are a pretty, sparkly pink! 
Here's what I worked on tonight...
Lace, ribbon, buttons & a funky flower, what more could you ask for?

 I found this today...the best part? It was already this antique white!

How lucky was I to find two of these?! I found one while thrifting in Mountain Home & a couple weeks later I found another one in Boise. I was so excited because I had been working on it for my mom & now I have another one for someone else.
The inside was this hideous orange, red color with a fork, knife, spoon combo print...iicckk!!!
I think it was a recipe box, now it's just plain pretty! =)
 I love 'em!!

It's been a good day. Thanks for stopping by!

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