Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Confessions of a Thrift Store Junkie

Yesterday was the perfect thrifting day!!
& a great day in general. 
My mom & I were in Boise, and after gettin' business done, we played!
Sadee was zippin' from thrift store to thrift store. 
Needless to say we were *absolutely* packed on the way home!
*Idaho Youth Ranch* is my all-time favorite thrift store chain. 
I've scooped up some of my best treasures from these stores 
& it doesn't matter if I'm shopping at Five Mile, Fairview, Chinden, or in Mountain Home, they're all great!!!
. . . . . . 
Thrifting is so exciting! You just never know *what* you're gonna find.
Some days are ahh-mazing & others, not so much.
Yesterday, ahhhh-mazing!!  
Here's what we found.
See the small, red star candle holder? 
My mom scooped it up. (I've told you before she's an expert) All I gotta do is add wax & voila! it's done. 
I've noticed my boxes sell better if they're hinged soooo all these are hinged.
Except for the tiny, wood star; magnets hold it together.   
. . . . . . 
I'm thinkin' the four-pane mirror will be deep red with a tiny bronc rider decal. 
The large frame will be turquoise with a rustic heart added to one corner. 
& check out the small frame with such detailed edges. I love the patina around the inside!
. . . . . .
Don't you just {love} the little sleds?! 
I'm saying goodbye to Santa & hello Christmas countdown. With a little chalkboard paint & some vinyl I think it'll be perfect!
Sky found me this flower hook awhile back
 & a sweet little girl scooped it up at the Cowboy Christmas show, so I was really excited to find another one. 
I'm thinkin' purple would be cute this time around, yeah? 
. . . . . .
Found a bag full of lace for a $1.50 & this pretty tissue paper for a $1.00. 
I'm not quite sure what the star *things* will become but I just couldn't leave 'em behind. 
& it's really hard to see but the gold candle pillar is *gorgeous!*
. . . . . . 
& last, but definitely not least . . . 
this little fella. 
 We were making our way to the check out stand when my mom stops dead in her tracks,
"How did we miss this?!!" 
It. Was. Hilarious. I just LOVE her!
& I have to admit, he is pretty cute. 
. . . . . . 
We just couldn't resist taking a peek at Vintage Home & Good Goods. 
Both shops were loaded with all sortsa Christmas goodies!! 
I'm talking sparkles, ornaments, cute gifts . . . ugh, *Swoon*
If you're in Boise & get the chance definitely stop in and tell 'em I sent you :)
. . . . . .
I am so excited to get to work. 
The Brightpath's Nurses Bazaar is only three days away!! 
. . . . . .
Live Happy!!!

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