Monday, November 12, 2012

Sunday Shopping

. . . Another perfect Sunday . . . 
My mom, Sky and I started our day off crafting at the Archiver's Holiday Open House.
As always, the staff was so helpful and sweet. We were able to do two *make & takes*. 
Afterwards, we set out for the thrift stores to find some Stuffs in the rough.
My mom is an *expert* treasure hunter! As she's had some excellent training from my late Gramma Hazel. 
. . . . . . 

Somewhere along the way, Sky spotted this sippy-cup thingy. 
All I'mna say about this is . . . 
Poor Belle!!
Yet, LMAO . . . right?!!

. . . . . . 
Annnnyway, we found lotsa treasures!!
I really need to get in the habit of taking 'before' pictures. 
It's amazing how one piece can be completely transformed with some paint, dark wax and, in this case, hooks.  

Wouldn't this be *perfect* for hanging stockings? 
Can't you just see this on your mantle with a lit candle?
. . . . . .
After a nice family lunch at Olive Garden,
Sky & I ended our day at the Victoria's Secret Pink Nation Shopping Event!
Lotsa comfty lounge wear just in time for the chilly winter weather. 
. . . . . . 
Live Happy!

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