Friday, November 23, 2012

Bruneau Cowboy Christmas 2012

Bruneau Cowboy Christmas 2012
It has been one week since I set up for the Cowboy Christmas Gift Show.
& even longer since I've posted!!
What a great time it was!! 
I was right next to the food, so it got a tad crowded at times. 
Tons of people came strolling thru,
and let me tell you, they were there to buy!
My mom & Gramma came up Sunday, so I was able to browse all the wonderful vendors. 
Becky Miller did a great job!! 
**Is it too early to say I'm super excited for next year?!!!**
I met up with Ruth Friday night & she so kindly gifted me some round wooden boxes.
Thank you, Ruth!! 
. . . . . . 
Tuesday, the school celebrated Grandparent's Day and had a powwow for Native American Heritage Month.
 It was also my dad's birthday.
. . . . . .
Ace Hardware recently opened in little ol' Owyhee!!
Very, very, veerrrrryyy exciting!!!!
& potentially very dangerous for my business account.
KW & I checked it out on Wednesday, and I ended up buying some paint entitled 'Besalt' per KW's request.
He explained it's found on the Palouse, therefore I should definitely get it. 
Cristi gifted me this bookshelf she no longer used,
and I turned it into this . . .
one more shelf can be added in.
. . . . . .
Our Thanksgiving Dinner was *delicious* and the  day was just perfect!
My dad & I started on a new project.
like the last few, it was mostly my dad :)
We were lucky enough to get some old doors from a nice fella, 
in almost no time at all. 
Ooitzy helped a little. 
Matt helped a little. 
& look what we came up with!!!
I absolutely *love* it!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you dad!!
I'm bring both the bookshelf and this unique, corner door shelf with me to the 
Brightpath's Nurses Bazaar next weekend in Elko, Nevada. 
& even if it doesn't sell I will have one *awesome* display piece!!!! 
. . . . . . 
KW & Gramma Edie are here for a couple more days, we're partying tomorrow.
Live Happy!!!
. . . . . . 
p.s. I'm having another giveaway on my Facebook page!
Lotsa luck!!

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