Friday, November 16, 2012

Sassy Cowgirl Keepsake Box

Little Sky turned *13* yesterday. 
She is definitely the *sweetest* person you'll ever meet. I swear her heart is pure gold. 
Look how cute she looks holding that little chick . . . AWWW!!
. . . . . . 
The other day, I mentioned how one {drab, boring} thrift store find can be totally transformed
 with a little paint & some pretty paper. 
My mom {of course} spotted this 'thing' sittin' on a bottom shelf.
 It looked interesting enough & the mirror was a bonus! 
I recently discover the Paper Cottage in Meridian . . . Laaaa!!
It has some awesome goodies tucked here and there & a wonderful selection of unique paper. 
Wayyyy better after, yeah?!
I. Love. It!
I mean who can pass up rhinestones?
See those dividers? You can choose to leave 'em all in, just one, or none at all. 
Pretty nifty eh?
The potential uses for this dandy are endless!
I'm talking jewelry box, concho case, bead organizer, vanity piece . . . 
and the mirror pulls out making it the *perfect display piece* for a western booth
Don't you just {love} the bronc rider in the corner? 
I'm pretty excited about this piece - if ya couldn't tell. 
. . . . . .
COWBOY CHRISTMAS at the Bruneau Legion Hall TOMORROW @ 10:00 in Bruneau, Idaho. 
Don't miss it!
. . . . . .
Live Happy!!!
KW & Gramma Edie will be here tonight, so I'm super happy!!

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