Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Any Other Color??

 KW often teases me & jokes that I don't have any other paint color besides turquoise
You prolly think the same thing. 
I can't help but {LOVE} it!!!
So, this piece belongs to Marlyn & she wanted me to 'fix' it. 
It started out dark green with a white wash, and Marlyn wanted it black with a white wash. Simple enough.
 When I finished tho, she wanted it turquoise instead. Even better!!
While carrying it up to my apartment, however, one mirror fell out and broke! Panic. Attack. x 12!!!!
Oh my goodness. What to do, what to do??!!!
I prayed Michael's or JoAnn would have the perfect sized mirror - no such luck. 
I settled for a large square one. Ugh.  
On my way to Owyhee, I stopped by Ace Glass in Mountain Home & by golly what do ya know they cut mirror. 
Whew!!! Even better?
The nice guy there did it for free!!! Maybe he detected my stress. How awesome was that!!
Thank you nice man at Ace Glass!!
This decal is so sweet & I had to have it!
Then, I came across this heart while thrifting yesterday . . . perfect match, yeah?!!
I painted the entire heart white, applied the vinyl, painted everything turquoise, and then peeled off the vinyl. 
I think this 'method' looks better and will last longer.
 This little fella melts my heart. 
He's soo cute. I named him Lil Snow G.
Made from socks & some rice. 

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