Monday, December 3, 2012

Brightpath's Nurses Bazaar 2012

What a *WONDERFUL* weekend!! 
OOitzy turned 15 yesterday!!! Saturday, he won 3rd place at the White Pine Wrestling Tourney. 
I'm soo proud of him!!!
Sky was also a *winner* this weekend. She plays on the Jr. High basketball team and she won both games Saturday!!
. . . . . .
Friday morning I would have never guessed the weekend would be so great. 
The living room was a complete mess . . . paper scraps, modge podge, ribbon, flowers, sparkles, paint you name it it was probably spread across my 'work' table.
I had not packed a single item for the Nurses Bazaar & because I just had to finish my *star studded* keepsake box 
I got to bed around 2, annnndd it was raining. Ugh!
The turquoise, twin headboard I did back in June just wasn't working & I desperately needed to redo it - before we left. 
This made me {very} happy!!
My mom & I finally got going at 4. 
In the mad scramble to get all my Stuffs packed I forgot my rustic, barbed wire stars. 
Once we got to Elko all was good - well after I got over my fears of not 'being good enough' to hang with the other vendors that had already set up.
 The staff at the Elko Convention Center was so helpful!! 
We were literally the last people setting up Friday night. 
Saturday was GREAT for business!!
I couldn't believe how many people came thru.
My door shelf sold in about 30 minutes, and since I was delivering it I got to keep it up all weekend.
I told my dad I needed about four more!!
Stuff was sellin' like *hotcakes* 
I had to put out blocks three different times.
 'Beautiful' & 'Glamourous' were set up before 'Believe' 
The cowboy boot mirror SOLD! 
I was super excited -and a little sad to see it go- but I know Katie will love it!!
I was able to meet some of my sweet, Facebook followers & make new friends . . . like Mandi & Jessica. 
They have been workin' hard to build Rustic Relevance, and were doing some market research when they spotted me. 
After chattin' for a bit they informed me I would be featured on their blog!!!
Happy, happy, happy dance!!!!!
Being *Featured* on another Blog was on of my *goals* for Stuffs by Bethany. {check}
Be sure to *Like* *Heart* and *Follow* 'em!!
THANK YOU Mandi & Jessica!!!
It was an *awesome* show & if you stopped by THANK YOU x 12!
No joke, I already reserved my space for next year!!!
. . . . . . 
I woke up this morning to an Etsy Transaction . . . the best way to end the weekend/start the week.
My Rustic Jingle Bell Burlap Garland SOLD OUT!!
I am heading into Boise tonight for some more supplies so I can re-list soon.
. . . . . .
Live Happy!!

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