Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What in the Heck in the Hell in the World?!

I love this!!! Found it yesterday & HAD to have it. Because, sometimes we just need a little reminder. 
It was ugly hideous yellow ... it's much better now & even has a little SpARkLe ... yum!
*WARNING* This post is about to get deep - ish. Read on with caution. [smiley]
I have always wanted my own shop and now that I'm making stuffs it's becoming more of a reality - I'm still a ways from a store front  and I have a lot to learn, but headed in the right direction. I mean, I graduated from Gonzaga with a business degree, this is what I studied [& paid good money] for right?? Right. I can do this. ...well maybe. Sometimes, I have no idea where I'm going with this - hence this post's title. I believe in what I do, I love it buuutttt how are others going to receive my stuffs? I have no idea! My mom has been such an awesome supporter, she'll say she's not crafty, then turn around with the best idea. All thru college she listened while I talked her ears off about how many small businesses fail each year and how a five-year plan is essential for success. Now? She's reminding me to figure out my five-year plan and keep going. I love her for this. I've been reading [start-up] articles like crazy!! and there are soo many inspiring stories out there. It's amazing! I want am going to make Stuffs by Bethany one of those success stories. So this is it. I'm doing it, I'm getting my goals & plans set. No more 'running around like a chicken with its head cut off' so to speak, it's business time! With my mom's words & college lectures running thru my mind I set out to find *just* the journal to keep these goals & crazy thoughts in.
 I was at my third stop when I spotted exactly what I wanted.
The cover is soo adorable & the pages beg to be doodled, scribbled & jotted on.
So, naturally this is where I would share with you my goals for Stuffs by Bethany right? Well, I think that can wait for another day & no, probably not tomorrow. Sometime tho, I promise.
For now I will continue doing what I love with a little lot of faith, hope & love.
11 days until Art in the Park. 
I'm nervously excited!! (make sense??)

As always, live happy!!
& if you have a dream ... go make it a reality. 

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