Saturday, July 21, 2012

#$%^ Randomness x 12 ^%$#

This is going to be a *crazy, off-the-wall, no-theme* post,
so get yerself ready for it =)
{you're prolly thinking, 'this won't be any different from any of her other posts'} ha!

Ya know those blogs...

where every picture is complete wonderfulness?

I'm talking eye candy x 12!!!

Wellll yeahh...


Anyway, I set out yesterday to find *tiny treasures*
it was an 'ehh' day. 
I found a few things, but it wasn't one of those 'OMGosh' junkin' days. 

I did, however, find this *dandy miniature trunk*  
It's really a doll wardrobe, but I like it!

Today was much, much better...
my dad is helping me with a *special project* (it's a secret for now) 
so I ended up in Caldwell this afternoon
& there I found this frame 
it had a $30.00 tag, but the fella let me take it for $1.00!!
Ummm....YESS, PLEASE!!
My first chalkboard =) 
Do they even make *chalk* anymore??
Kidding. My mom's a teacher, I know they do!

On my way back I wasn't about to pass up any signs like this..
which led me allll the way to Homedale. Sheesh!!
With all the stopping slamming on my brakes I'm guessing I got about 20 mpg instead of my usual 32!!

Tonight was the last episode [of the season] of JUNK GYPSY. {sad face}
My Mr. split 2nd/3rd at the Wadsworth Indian Rodeo today. YYAAAYYY!!!

Oh, one more thing...
I'm gonna be at Kuna Days - August 3rd & 4th

Good night now ya'll...

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