Monday, July 30, 2012

Rustic Wood & Old Boots

Remember that *special project*??
It started like this...
as in a few rustic boards & some old cowboy boots...
my dad started cutting...
turning his saw this way n that way...
checking, double checking, 
 more cutting...
& when the all the saw dust settled...
 we   my dad had created this
umm that. is. *awesome!*
I would have been completely satisfied with it!!
(cuz it looked good!)
But this is my dad we're talking about, 
and he had a few more plans.
. . .

Daxton was up in Elko Saturday night, 
so I took a break & went to cheer him on =)
& I dropped this off with a sweet gypsy soul.
Thank you Chelsie Gray!!
. . .
We (mostly my dad) resumed work yesterday morning. 
A little more routing,
cutting, nailing...
& a few more nails just to be sure...
& voila! We had this masterpiece!!
Never underestimate the goodness of 
*rustic wood, old boots, power tools and a wonderful dad*
It was soo much fun working together to get this done
I had such a great time!
Thanks dad!!!
. . .
My favorite comment: 
So cool! You even managed to make the horse and lawn mower look so realistic! :0) 
Ingrid Velez
. . . 
Have the best day!!!

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