Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Paris, France

Ever just feel like flying to France?
My mom wants to go on a daily basis (she's already been to Italy and Germany)
 & Ooitz has even started saving money for a *Paris* trip.
Lucky me I've been!!!
I went on a two month vacay with my friend & her family in 2005.
We landed in London
-speaking of, are you watching the Olympics?!??
The Fab Five won GOLD!!!!-
and I had my first hostal experience . . . at The Generator.
There were many more to come, each completely unique.
After a few days in London we took a bus, a ferry & another bus to Pairs.
It. Was. Gorgeous!
The *Eiffel Tower* was so, so beautiful at night,
as was the view from the top!!
After Paris we were off to Germany,
where Rubina's mom is from.
& *I even took a German class for five weeks!!*
Can I speak any Deutsch? Nein! =)
How could I pay attention in class when there was so much shopping to be done afterward?!
From Germany we roamed around Austria & Italy for a few weeks,
I watched an *Opera*
& just in case you were wondering,
both a fat lady & a fat man sing...
I saw/visited the *Leaning Tower of Pisa**Ancient Rome**The Vatican**The Uffizi*
*The Rialto Bridge**Mozart's Home**The Berlin Wall**Big Ben**Tower of London*
*Buckingham Palace**The Mona Lisa**The Notre Dame**Shakespeare's Globe*
*Juliet's House**The Colosseum**
and some several castles, fountains & churches!!!
It was an amazing trip.
Thank you forever Dee Dee & Rubina!!

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