Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

 . . . Be your OWN kind of BeaUTIFUL . . .

If I learned anything in Elko
it's that parents will *buy just about anything* for their littles!!!
& all the way the home I kept telling my mom
'I'm not going to make kids my market!'
mayyybee having a *few* things for small ones wouldn't hurt,
so I'm trying to find stuffs that are FabULoUS
will have littles begging their parents to buy =)

Ever just spot something & you know it's *going* to be absolutely perfect?!
This piece was that piece.

I scooped it up like an Indian at a powwow give-a-way
was on my way.
It was *that* light oak....YUCK!
*I cannot stand light oak!*
I had to bust out the drill for this one.
It makes me happy, very happy!!!

Pray always...

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