Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ArT in the PaRK Elko, Nevada

I have officially sold at a *show*!!! Yaayy!!! It was sooo much fun.
 My dad borrowed an RV from a friend & we were able to stay right at the park, it was nice.
I *definitely could not* have done this without the help of my family.
My dad was great about setting things up (he even got me that trellis) & Ooitz was the 'runner.'
I would get to the booth and forget just about everything. Uugghh!!
My mom, KW & Antone showed up on Saturday morning - after everything was done of course =)
*Every sweet junkin' soft hearted stuffs lovin' soul who stopped by, ThaNK YoU!!!!*

My *favorite* comment of the weekend: "It looks like Pinterest in here!" 
Ha! *Candace Phillps*, I love it & thank you. 

Sunday was slow *SLLLOOOOWWW!!!!*
It was looking like a very sad day when I first opened. It. Was. Dead!!
Slowly -and I mean slowly- people started stopping by & I made a few sales.
A *sweet Gypsy soul* ordered herself a special window with white lettering. 
It was surprising to see what sold and what didn't.
My *paper flowers, blocks, signs & mirrors* went fast.

I loved it all & can't thank the fam bam enough.
*Wall a bees*: DaD, MoM, Ooitzy, Kenneth. Wall a buddy: Antone.
Sky's was/still is in Oklahoma.

Live Happy!!!!

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