Sunday, January 6, 2013

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint : Provence

 I woke up New Year's day to an Etsy transaction . . . whoo whoo!!! 
The *perfect* way to start my year. 
It is only the sixth day of 2013, but already it's been amazing!!
I have been working on project after project & using my *favorite* color, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Provence.
Prepare yourself for *a lot* of turquoise in this post.  
&& My paint can is almost empty . . . nooooo!!!!
Since I don't think I'll be up in Spokane anytime soon, I'mna have to order online. This time I'm also gettin' ASCP Emperor's Silk.
My mom, Richelle, Resse and I went huntin' for Stuffs in the rough during Ooitzy's wrestling meet && I already have a few pieces that are *gonna* look amazing bright pink 
. . . . . . . 
I like to post *all* my Stuffs on my Facebook page & all ya Stuffs Lovin' Souls like to scoop 'em up. 
Thank you x 89!!!!
Because y'all are so *awesome* I sometimes need more than one of each item. 
Thus, it is the {absolute} best when I find duplicates of stuffs
*or* when I just happen to have another something in storage, especially as of late. 
I finished this box last week & right away I needed another . . . 
which I just happened to have. 
I try not to *ever* do any two Stuffs exactly alike as I like every piece to be unique & special.
. . . . . . . 
I made/posted this *Buckarette* caddy wondering if it would sell at all. (? ? ?)
& it did, rather quickly. 
I had another gal ask me if I could do another & luckily, I had another tool box waitin' for some love.
. . . . . . 
I can't remember if I posted the other 'window' box I made awhile back? 
If not, here it is . If so, here it is again. 
Anyway, I was able to scoop up another one this weekend . . . 
*Sassy Zebra Keepsake Box {$49}*
I {love} how both these turned out!!
. . . . . . .
While shoppin' for some new vinyl I came across this bull rider decal.
*Rustic Turquoise Bull Rider Frame {$16}*
I 've been doing a lot of ^^pieces^^ with broncs & I thought it'd be fun to switch things up a little. 
Wellllll, I should've bought more than just *one* decal. I need at least three more. 
I have y'all to thank for keeping me running back for more Stuffs!!!
. . . . . . .
Now, this is going to sound super dorky,
buuuutttt I have been wanting to find one of *these* for forever!!!!
&& yesterday, I did!! YAY!!!!!
Fingers crossed I find another . . . soon!
. . . . . . . 
See these frames?
Crystal asked me to *fix* 'em up for her. 
&& they are one of the few items I would definitely keep for myself - if I could. 
I just love 'em.
. . . . . . .
WOW! That. Is. A lot. Of. Turquoise!!! 
Okay, I am off to finish up a few more Stuffs tonight 
&& I promise I'll *try* to start mixin' up my color scheme. 
Thank you for all your support. 
<3 <3 <3
Live Happy!!! 

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