Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Turquoise Tuesday

I'm sipping a carmel macchiato at Starbucks as I write this post. 
mmm!! :)
What a week it has been!! What a year for that matter. 
I *never* would have dreamed it would be so hard to keep my inventory up. 
Buuuutttt I. Love. It!!! I can't believe how well I've done thus far && it's all thanks to my *wonderful* customers!!
. . . . . .
About a week and a half ago I ran out of ASCP Provence. Yes! Ran out!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!
I quickly ordered up some more & luckily it came just in time. 
When I first bought my paint in Spokane, the nice lady said, "Remember, when you're almost out add water." 
So that's what I did, but I was limited to small projects...ugh!!
Anyway, since I got my order everyday has been *turquoise* day!!!! 
I'll start with this Hollywood Regency style mirror I finished this morning. 
^ **SOLD** ^
Yesterday was my lucky day! I was on my way to Hobby Lobby when I drove by Petals & Stems with a sign out front that read:
Now please believe me when I say I HATE seeing any small, local store going outta business!
 I mean after all that's what I'm aspiring to be. 
I learned, however, that after 12 years in business the landlord is not renewing their lease. Boo!!!
So they are looking for another place to open shop, but need to downsize big time. 
Yay for me!!! I found all sortsa treasures including the {used to be brown} mirror above. 
And this Fleur de Lis paper towel rack.
^ **SOLD** ^
Wouldn't it also be cute as an accessory rack . . . the possibilities for this beauty are endless!! 
. . . . . .
Saturday night, Daxton and I went to GEORGE STRAIT!!! 
So of course, I did some shopping on Friday. 
It was soooo good! But I must confess, I liked Martina McBride a bit better. GASP! 
^ **SOLD** ^
^ **SOLD** ^ 
. . . . . . .
Sunday, we headed to Spring Creek for the Cowboy Poetry Kick-off Branding & Bronc Riding. 
The Jim Ranch won the Branding.
. . . . . .
Along with Provence I ordered Emperor's Silk.
I was expecting it to be a hot pink, but it's hot red.
I did this jewelry stand & although I like it I wanted it to be PINK!
This started out navy blue so maybe the base color has something to do with the hue.
I'll have to try another piece.
. . . . . . .
Okay, KW is in town for a class of some sort. I'm meeting him later.
Live Happy!!!
P.S. if you've purchased Stuffs from me, thank you x 12!!!!

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