Monday, December 31, 2012

Shopping in Winnemucca, Nevada

So last weekend we were in *Winnemucca, Nevada* for Ooitzy's wrestling meet. 
Annnnd, by now you should know I can't go anywhere without doing some treasure hunting
I've been to Winnemucca a *bazillion* times whether it be for basketball, wrestling, rodeos, whatever . . . 
but who knew it's home to soo many cute shops?!!
I surely did not!!!
But let me tell you, Friday, I was enlightened. 
Our first stop -my mom & I- was *Good Night Irene*. A fun, eclectic gift shoppe full of all sortsa unique goodies.
From there, we ventured out the back door to *Linger Longer Antiques*.  
(508 W. Winnemucca Blvd)
&& that's where the spending spree began!!!
 I left the store with ^ this ^ beauty. 
**Chippy goodness** 
I'm thinkin' three hooks across the bottom would make it absolutely perfect! 
. . . . . . . 
After grabbing some coffee from a super cute espresso next door, we headed for the thrift stores. 
And wouldn't ya know, shopping on the day the world was supposed to end had its perks. 
Both thrift stores were having "Apocalypse Sales* 50% off everything!!!
Eek!! *Big Smiles*
Treasures galore. 
. . . . . . .
We were on our way back to the event center when we came across an interesting little sign. 
*Suzi's Country Treasures & Victorian Gifts* 
It's an amazing little shoppe tucked inside Artistic Fence Co. 
(720 Fairgrounds Rd.) 
***If you can only visit one place the next time you're in Winnemucca, let it be here!!!***
You. Will. NOT. Be. Sorry. 
Suzi, the obvious owner, is such a great lady.
Walking into her shoppe is *magical*. Everything is decorated up just right. 
I couldn't leave without these rustic stars
& a few other goodies. 
& my mom scooped up this awesome drink dispenser.
. . . . . . 
Ooitzy, unfortunately, was out the first night. 
So the next morning, instead of leaving town, I dragged KW & Sky to a few places my mom and I missed the day before. 
*The Country Rose Floral & Gift* was our first stop. 
(329 S. Bridge St.)
A great place to find the *perfect* gift. 
We got momma some pretty pinecones that light up
& I found a western picture frame for Marlyn. 
 . . . . . .
Now, KW is a good sport about most everything, but when it comes to treasure hunting I have to bribe him. 
So it was back to the espresso shop for another round of coffee. 
& that coffee earned me two more stops - in Winnemucca. 
Another cute gift shop (I am drawing a blank on the name!) where we found this cute, blue bird for momma, 
& *Endless Memories* a scrapbooking store. 
(241 S. Bridge St.)
Yeah, you read right!!! A scrapbooking store in Winnemucca, Nevada! 
Wowzers! I had no idea. Of course, I found some paper & a few embellishments I couldn't live without.
Finnnnallly, with our treasures in tow we were on our way home. 
. . . . . . 
Once in Elko, I couldn't resist taking a peek in the thrift stores. 
By this time, both KW & Sky had teamed up against me and I had to offer Pizza Hut in order to stop. 
Good thing because they found some pretty good stuffs in the rough.
I'll show ya 'em finished in another post.
. . . . . .
This year has been beautiful, amazing, scary, sad, and rewarding.
I can't thank all my customers & supporters enough. *None* of this would be possible without each of you.
Wishing you & yours a wonderful New Year!!!

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