Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Silhouette CAMEO

In the last post I promised I would *try* to use another color besides turquoise, 
&& believe me, I'm trying!!!
Here are my latest projects . . . 
^ **SOLD** ^
I found this while treasure hunting in Winnemucca. I've never come across something like this, so I was pretty excited. 
This western jewelry box sold instantly! 
No joke, about a minute later I needed another one for a birthday gift. :(
 While I was shopping this past weekend I saw two of these exact same boxes.
I am *kicking* myself for not buying 'em! 
Keeping this for myself crossed my mind a time or two. I love it {and} it's perfect for my jewelry. 
. . . . . . 
Valentine's Day is going to be here soon!!!
I'm not reallllly into creating seasonal Stuffs, but a few pieces wouldn't hurt, right?
^ **SOLD** ^
Quite a few hearts & stars have sold {happy dance}!
. . . . . . .
Have I told y'all I bought a Silhouette CAMEO?!!? {eek!}
It. Is. Amazing!!!  
This set of mirrors was my *first* project. 
^ **SOLD** ^
I'm still gettin' used to all the wonderful Stuffs I can create with it.
This sassy, pink leopard mirror is what I did today.
 Be your own kind of Beautiful 
. . . . . .
Another western magazine rack . . . exactly like the other one!! *Yikes*
I just liked the first so much I had to do it again.
& it sold rather quickly!
Stuffs Lovin' Souls are theeee {absolute} best!!!!
. . . . . .
This zebra tin makes me smile!! I love how it turned out & it's perfect for the gal who bought it!!
. . . . . .
Annnnd finally, turquoise! You couldn't have possibly thought I'd give up turquoise all together, did you??!
^ **SOLD** ^
^ **SOLD** ^
^ **SOLD** ^
. . . . . . .
It has been a {wonderful} January thus far.
Thank you!!!!
Live Happy!!!

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