Friday, April 6, 2012


I'm sitting at Bud's Big Burgers in St. Maries, Idaho writing this post. 
My mom used to work here in high school =)  

Here are the treasures I found along the way...I'm so excited to get to work on 'em!!! Ooitz & Sky weren't too thrilled about stopping everywhere but I'm so glad we did!
This will be the first suitcase that I alter, we'll see how it goes. 
 I'm planning to tea-dye this lace, it'll be the perfect color.  
 Does this shelf look familiar? I found another one! & I want to sell them as a set.  
This is possibly the most hideous thing I have found thus far! 
The good news, nothing I do will hurt it. 
 I can't wait to add some love to this sign!
 We stopped at Happy's Place and the lady told me this was used to hold 45 records. 
 I love this little box! It's so soft & perfect for lace. 
 Again, chalk this up to ugly!
 & I just couldn't resist this bottle. 

I have managed to finish one project this trip. 
I enlisted the help of my uncle, he was so awesome about it!
I absolutely LOVE it! A perfect little hanger for special stuffs!!

Have the best day!

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