Friday, April 20, 2012

Operation: Decorate

Today, I decided instead of having everything tucked here and there I would attempt to gather and decorate. Dun, dun, dun!!
I adore this lamp from Ooh La La Home Decor. The old ceiling tile is the perfect color with a little patina, spotted this at The Shabby House. The pillow reads, 'She rules her life as elegantly as a queen,' I picked it up at Hayley's. The ladder isn't a traditional bedside stand, but I love it!

I'm not sure there is a trend thru out my apartment, well I know there's not, but I'm happy with it. 

My family is here for the weekend. 
The perfect time to have my dad hang this clock from The Nest. 
  lt looks great. Thanks dad!

I'm off to dinner with my mom & Sky. Have a fun night!

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