Monday, April 23, 2012

Ohana Means Family =

It was such a fun weekend! My family was in town for the BSU pow wow, we had a great time just hangin' out & laughing...lotsa laughing! KW even made the trip down with his drum group. 
Saturday, I took my mom & Priscilla to visit The Shabby House. They both loved it! 
I couldn't resist this, it's so...charming & shabby. 
I also purchased some furniture wax, it'll be a nice touch to the pieces I do. 

Oh, and I have made two Etsy sales!!! I'm so excited =) I shipped off the Stuffs today, the Lace Hope Bottle is on its way to Australia! Maybe you'll find something you love, check out my shoppe.

I bought this cute, little spice rack back in February and haven't done a thing with it. 
Last night inspiration finally hit.
It still has to be shabby-fied but I'm lovin' it so far!

This is completely cottage chic...not something I usually do. I like it...sorta.
 Hopefully someone will love it.

Pray Always...

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