Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day After Christmas

I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas full of love, peace, and blessings.
My holiday season has been {absolutely} glorious!! 
Lotsa time with my family & several orders/sales for Stuffs by Bethany.
Where should I start? 
As it has been 23 days since I last posted!!!! 
Hmmm...I'mna just start writing & hope it all comes together. 
On December 10, the Owyhee High School Art Club held its annual Christmas Bazaar. 
What a great time it was! I did an ornament make-&-take, which did surprisingly well. 
Over and over, Owyhee continues to support my little business
& it makes my heart swell with joy. 
My dad managed to finish another OOAK corner door shelf.
He's the BEST!!
It didn't sell, but the old Indian women sure liked it. 
. . . . . . .
My Facebook page also has been a wonderful source of business revenue. 
Prior to Christmas, Stuffs was selling like hotcakes!!

Bronc Tin & Rusty Bell **SOLD**
A sweet gal from Elko has been one of my *best customers* this Holiday season.
It's so rewarding to create Stuffs & have someone absolutely love 'em!!  
Pendleton Whiskey Cork Magnets **SOLD**
Round Bronc Rider Box **SOLD**
Always Pray Keepsake Box **SOLD**
Sweet, Rustic Keepsake Box w/Heart **SOLD**
Bronc Mirror **SOLD**
. . . . . . 
A family friend stopped by to browse for gifts for her office exchange 
& I couldn't believe how low my inventory was. 
It was eye-opening & rewarding. 

If I have learned anything from surviving my first Holiday season in business it is to always be over prepared x 12!!!
I would have *never* guessed I'd be receiving so many requests as I have these last two weeks.  
'My cup runneth over.'
Rustic Hearts, Turquoise Frame, Faith, Hope, Love Caddy **SOLD**
I received orders from the O.H.S. Science Club & Shoshone-Paiute Tribes. 
Very exciting!!
200 tags for a retirement party. 
Annnd, although I keep records of all my sales there wasn't any true pattern of Stuffs people wanted. 
Rustic Red Western Shelf **SOLD**
If they saw something they liked, they bought it. Simple as that. 
By far, my fastest selling piece was this western magazine rack. 
I posted it on Facebook & no joke, it was gone within two seconds!!
I was coming thru Elko last weekend & I scooped up another one at the FISH Thrift Store!!!
. . . . . . .
Just for some ideas I created  **The {best} Last Minute Gifts** album on Facebook. 
All the following items are still up for grabs. 
^ Live . Laugh . Love . Desktop Decor **SOLD** ^
To showcase all these items my mom & I decorated up the living room hutch. 
I *desperately* need my own shop!!!
. . . . . . 
I'm not too sure when my next show will be, but in the mean time I'mna keep creating Stuffs!!
Valentine's Day will be here before we know it 
& I'm planning to have several *rustic, barbed wire hearts* ready to sell. 
Again, I can't thank *all* the Stuffs Lovin' SouLS out there enough!!
. . . . . . 
Merry {one day after} Christmas. 
Live Happy!!!

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