Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kenneth's Home!!

How'd you spend your Saturday??
We had a {YUMMY} BBQ!!
We got sent to the store for a few last minute items
& somehow this large pumpkin jumped in our cart. 
My dad & I bought the smaller one for Sky last weekend.
Her name is Theodora & the big guy is Jack.
. . . . . .
Afterwards, there was a hunting party/competition
& later, hide n seek in the dark.
Kenneth made sure that everyone who played signed this waiver
** "If I get hurt it's my fault" **
Too funny!!
Antone, Ooitzy, Sky, K Dub, Mike, Pony, Martin, Eddie
Ooitz & KW have mascara on their faces. It was the closest thing to black paint they could find.
. . . . . .
We're off to drop Kenneth off.
Live Happy!!

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  1. Hi Bethany. Love your blog as well! Look forward to seeing you as a follower! xo's Pam