Sunday, August 12, 2012

Up In Flames

The last few days have been *CRAZY*
not a good kind of crazy.
Thursday evening we had a lightening storm
we lost power & a fire started. 
Although it was sorta cool to watch the fire start (from a strike), it spread quickly. 
Daxton's house was in danger. 
then, magic (God) happened.
It started pouring rain. 
*Never underestimate the power of prayer*
No one or any structures were harmed. 

It seemed tho, that everything went up in flames!

Anyway, I will be in CARLIN, NEVADA August 17th & 18th
for Art in the PaRK. 
I'm super excited!!!
This morning I worked on some paper flowers
My very first show I had some flowers just set out here 'n there
& none sold. 
For Elko I packaged 'em up nice
& all of 'em were scooped up!
*Presentation is Everything*

Yesterday, KW, Ooitz, Sky and I went to Boise to pick up some Stuffs for the sale. 
It was a nice, quick trip. 
*I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family*
. . . 
The Olympics are ending today
{sad face}
but what a great Olympics it has been. 

. . . . . .

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