Monday, August 13, 2012

Gonzaga University

KW is leaving soon for his SENIOR YEAR at University of Idaho. {fist pumpin}
 I can't help but to think back to my time at Gonzaga.
This is the second year I'm not packing up the Beast & heading north.
. . . . . .
What a *crazy fun* time it was. 
I remember receiving my acceptance letter
& watching the school principal cry because she was so happy. 
I visited two weeks before classes started
& found out I was $14,000.00 short of covering tuition
It didn't matter, I was going anyway!!
Don't worry I was attending illegally or anything, I got A LOT of help from my Tribe & Native American Organizations. 
. . . . . .
As required I lived in the dorms freshman year. Crimont baby!!
I roomed with Holly Hunter {love this gal}
-sadly, annoyingly my computer decided to crash first semester Senior year two weeks before finals
& all my pictures were LOST {very sad face}-
Holly & I went every two weeks to get our nails did
& we ended up rooming together sophomore year, in the world's smallest apartment.
There were four of us: Holly, Elyse, Tayleur & me.
You figure out how things went!!
. . . . . .
My freshman year I was at the rec center playing basketball.
 A skinny gal (Britt) & an Asian guy (Micah) were playing volleyball.
I asked to join in
the rest is history.
No, but we played co-ed intramural volleyball all four years & totally KICKED BUTT!!!
Check out this video {HERE}
You're gonna wanna watch it!! =)
We got t-shirts each season we won. Yea Yeah!!!
This is how I came to meet NATALIA & INGRID. 
. . . . . . 
When we weren't studying like the *awesome* students we were, 
or I wasn't working at Paw Prints or Community Frameworks,
we were Shopping or Eating together!
(Tracy, Lacy, Me, Natalia)
Okay, so I also did a bunch of other stuff crazy, fun, amazing stuff!!!
In 2008, I was one of 50 students nation-wide selected to attend
Harvard University's Law & Public Policy Conference!!!
The trip was so, so amazing.
see my story here =)
That same year I was featured in the Gonzaga Quarterly
 My moccasins. 
(Spokane Arena. GU Women vs. Louisville. Watched Shoni Schimmel)
(Spokane County Fair. Demolition Derby)
(McCarthy Center)
Although I never *camped out* for a basketball game,
 I sat out here in the {freezing} cold just to get "good" seats for the home games.
(it was worth it!)
At the beginning of each year every student bought a *Kennel Shirt*
& we would wear 'em to the games.
My freshman year I couldn't afford one so I called my *super* Uncle Rick to save me.
I started explaining my situation & he thought I had got him tickets . . . FAIL!! =)
 I  got my shirt, but he was a little bummed out.  
(Jacqueline, Me, Leah)
Ignatian Gala 
. . . . . .
The Jepson Center
 All my upper-level classes were here.
(Me, Katie)
. . . . . . 
My Junior & Senior years I lived in *The Cooking House*
I do not cook, at all! I'm still a little curious how I got in =)
But, soo glad I did. 
(Ingrid, Me, Britt, Katie)
(Me, Sophie, Britt)
We were required to do service projects, 
so we did stuff like this:
Oh you thought we did something like . . . cook?!!
PSSHH, yeah right!!
I'm kidding, we cooked dinner at the Ronald McDonald House 
& hosted a bake sale for our other projects. 
. . . . . .
My Senior year just when I needed a breath of fresh air . . . 
I met these two!!
Kirsten & Le-yah!!! Better known as Tater Tot & Flying Beagle. 
I. Love. Them!!
My year was soo much better because of them. 
On Wednesday's we would go to Leah's house for dinner
& to satisfy our weekly *Extreme Couponing* fix. 
. . . . . . 
On my 22nd Birthday, 
we had dinner & on the way home I thought it would be cool to *steal a parking cone*!*!*
Should I even be writing this?! =) YIKES
Took it from the Lilac Level. We called ourselves *CONEVICTS*
. . . . . . 
First Nations
Our Native American Club on campus. 
We did important stuff like choose Pokemon characters for ourselves!
(Notice how Leah has two?? She was President so it was allowed)
 Don't worry, we did other stuff too. Like volunteer at a rehab facility 
for young Native Americans in Spokane,
(Me, Melanie, Eric, Leah, Kathy)
 set up during GEL weekend for prospective incoming freshman,
(Look how pretty Ingrid is!)
& EAT!
(Me, Wendy, Rita)
Come on it was a bunch of Indians gathering, what do you expect? =)
. . . . . . 
& then just as quickly as it started . . .
. . . it ended.
{Class of 2011!!!}
Graduation came & went 
and I was done. 
I had earned my Bachelor of Business Administration. 
Had an awesome party at the Northern Quest Casino, packed up my little room, and LEFT!!!
I absolutely HATED Kompton-town & could not wait to leave. 
The weather was always so gloomy, and I was coming from Nevada where it is so sunny!!
Now? I miss it. Well, I miss the people, like crazy!!
I wouldn't change my decision to attend GU for anything . . .
My time there was great! Enough said. 
. . . . . . 

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  1. Hey Bethany, Ingrid and Margaret love you! We need to see you soon!