Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kuna Days 2012

It was . . . a weekend. 
I had a *great* time socially.
My family was there, I had an awesome neighbor, saw some old friends & made some new ones.
My dad is so good at logistics, I'm soo lucky to have his help
& he always makes sure to get my favorite drink =)
Just perfect. 
*Financially . . . well, ahem, it was so-so.*
I did, however, sell some stuffs that have been sitting for awhile. WHEW!!
That was a pleasant surprise. 
& boy was it HOT!!!
I had a corner lot  & the first day I had all my walls closed but one
ummm...that was dumb, really dumb!!!
Friday night my mom suggested opening another side
There were people everywhere
looking n looking.
(mom's always know best)
Needless to say, I had two sides open on Saturday & it was perfect!
 The cutest little girl -no older than 3- stopped by & dragged her grandma in saying,
"This is my favvoritte stuff!"
(absolutely loved that she used the word 'stuff')
It was soo cute
was my favorite comment of the weekend!
I sent her off with a paper flower
which she thought was the greatest thing in the world
 I had several conversations similar to this:
"Do you have a shop here locally?"
"You should get one, your stuff is so cute!" 
I can't lie, it was nice to hear.
& then the older couple . . .
They. Were. Cool!
They have been doing shows for (dare I say it) decades!
were full of advice, tips, encouragement n jokes!!
I was happy to meet such fun folks. 
& was very encouraged!!
While we were packing up after everything was over 
all my money was counted,
my mom says,
"Beth, why don't you just try selling hotcakes?!"
Now if you follow my blog you know that my mom will say,
"They're gonna go like hotcakes" 
"That's gonna sell like a hotcake!" 
& usually everything she refers to never sells! Haha. 
Anyway, we all cracked up when she said this.
I mean no use being bummed out
& I really did have a fun weekend. 
I'm already planning for the next show =)
. . .
Live Happy!!!

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