Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Love this =)
We were in Coeur d'Alene on Saturday for a family lunch and did some shopping downtown afterwards. Car d'Lane was going on & it was so cool seeing all the classic cars. We stopped at Wiggett's Antique Marketplace and Figpickles Toy Emporium, great fun! The circus was in town as well so we dropped off the kids & Aunt Mel, my mom and I had enough time to hit up one thrift store. Treasures galore!! I have been searching for this style of table since I bought mine and Saturday was my lucky day. 
Yesterday, before we left Spokane I dragged Ooitz with me on a hunt for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. There are three retailers in the Spokane area that carry it. Our search began at 9:00 with our first stop being The Trellis Marketplace, it didn't open on time & we needed to get going so we were off to find ArtWorks Spokane. The help there was amazing!! I ended up with Old White, Provence & Dark Soft Wax.
 Old White with a touch of wax. 
I love how it turned out!
I dry brushed Provence on this vintage frame.
The patina is just perfect.  
Before Glenn's Eagle Scout Honor Court, Ooitz & I went yardsailing in Medical Lake. We found this super cute, vintage canning jar. I added crown tissue paper on each side, now it just needs a black candle inside. It's so charming!!
Live Happy!!  

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